Friday, June 14, 2013

fat, old and frumpy...

well..I have been lagging a  LOT lately. And by lagging I mean like I'm hardly doing anything around the house. I sleep in on my days off  from work or take a nap if I get off early from work. And I'm tired of it. I mean seriously...who gets tired of taking naps or hardly doing anything? Only me... right?
The truth is I feel lazy. I don't want to do anything around the house. I don't want to clean, dust, do laundry or fold clothes. I dislike ironing but do it anyway because Sunday church clothing and some work clothes need to be ironed. I don't like procrastinating yet I do it. I don't use to be like this. I am heavy too.
Recently, I went to a friend's party and when picture taking was done I didn't recognized myself  in the pictures. I asked myself how did I ended up looking like that? I know growing old, slow metabolism and having a shorter hair didn't help. Though I smiled big in this particular picture, I looked and felt SO fat, old and frumpy. I'm a picture person but when asked to join for more picture taking I refused..I couldn't bear seeing myself  looking the way I did.

I didn't mind the purple bows and polka dots purple ribbon as props (we were having fun..after all it's a party!)'s how myself  looked. My friends at the party does marathon every year so I told them I'd like to do it fact it has always been a dream of mine to run a marathon...I always wonder what it feels like to get to the finish line. I also figured this will motivate me to start weaning down on carbs and start exercising again.

 I took my son to our community pool yesterday (Thursday) and took pictures of  him jumping onto the pool. There was quite a good number of neighbors/residents there and all seems to be enjoying getting tan and/or swimming. We were there for a good two hours until I finally told him it's time to go home for dinner. He wants a take out but I said no..that we'll have left overs since tomorrow is Pizza day (Friday). He was having fun at the pool and I told him I'll do my best to take him there most of the times if not everyday.

So today is actually that day (Pizza Friday) and I have a lot of things to do. Buy pizza, pick up birthday cake, buy last minute things for birthday dinner and gifts tomorrow, make egg rolls, marinade BBQ and wrap gifts. On top of  that I have to clean the house. At least kitchen is clean as of writing this. Have a wonderful weekend friends!
journally yours,
Gem :)


Dana James said...

Mom you need to believe in yourself!!!!! You can do whatever you put your mind to. less talk more action!!! If you just walked around the block 3 times a week and decreased those Hawaiian rolls you'd be feeling better! you are NOT old. you feel do something about it! I LOVE YOU! call me.

Barb said...

You're blessed to have a sweet daughter. I've been in your shoes,woke up one day, several years back and hated the lady in the mirror. Took awhile but today, after some hard work and commitment I kind of like the reflection in the mirror. I'm glad you noticed it now, while you're young and healthy enough to change what you don't like. It's really not about weight, but about being healthy. I think you look great right now but understand that others see us differently than we see ourselves. TO bad I don't live closer. I LOVE cleaning house. I'd clean yours while we visit. Well, maybe not. Since you're wanting to get in shape I'd have to share the work, right? :) Have an awesome weekend. And before I forget, thank you for stopping by John's blog.

Rose said...

Aw don't be so hard on yourself....change comes with a decision. You go girl ....when you're ready :-)

Anonymous said...

You treated me as much more than a blogging friend. You were so very kind...& I've never received more beautiful, or well-thought-out, homemade gifts. You are always beautiful to me, because your beauty radiates from within. ~Mary