Tuesday, November 29, 2005

When In Rome.......

When I was a little kid I was told
That when in Rome..Do As The Romans Do.
I listened faithfully and followed dutifully
Until depression visited me relentlessly.

There I saw the lonelier world
I am just as angry when I don't listen to me.
Sleep seems to be my comfort buddy
All the while the world continued without me.

Depression may be a dark ugly place
But there I learned what truly exists
Solitude and my soul seemed to emerged as one
There all the answers were screaming to be find.

Once I was told: "you and your depressions I can't take no more!"
The words stung as if inflicted by the bees'
Because truly deep inside
Depressions were my emotions gone haywire...
Showing how exactly I am not being heard and seen as I wish it to be.

It hurts way so deep inside when I don't speak for me
Yet my head throbs when I'd let my tounge slip
Because then I'd wonder if I said the right thing.

Sure self-esteem might have something to do with it
Self-confidence can contribute as well....
If these emotions were borne from the society I looked up to..
Then why oh why...I am so darn confused??

My search for inner freedom seems to have become an endless quest
Some days self-help feels/looks tedious yet I don't get anything else done....
I have a mind I can't make up or follow....
My poor body image sway the soul helplessly
While the spirit had long gone and left me.

So it seems what's left for me
Is the tried and true rule of thumb...
"When In Rome..Do as The Romans Do"
The one motto, without a twitch, I looked up to.

Now that I am an adult, it sure is not working...
I'm overweight, I got migraines
I'm a doormat and such a people pleaser
I'm so locked up in Rome and chained up in my emotions.

So while I'm working on finding my way out of here
I've found I'm sane enough to give advice away
I suggest that when in Rome..DO What YOU WANT TO DO....
It'll keep YOU collected and happy too.

Written by: Gem R. 11/29/2005 Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Recipe For Happiness

Happiness is something we create in our mind,
It is not something you search for and so seldom find-
It's just waking up and beginning the day
By counting our blessings and kneeling to pray.
It's giving up thoughts that breed discontent
And accepting what comes as a "gift heaven-sent."
It's giving up wishing for things we have not
And making the best of whatever we've got.
It's knowing that life is determined for us,
And pursuing our tasks without fret or fuss-
For it's by completing what God gives us to do
That we find real contentment and happiness too.
(author: Helen Steiner Rice)

Dear online friends,
You brought smile, laughter, hope, helped wiped my tears and lend me your broad shoulder for support.
You are one of the many blessings I am thankful for.
This Thanksgiving I wish you and yours another wonderful memory to cherish.
Thank you so so much for the most treasured friendship
.................... I hold so very near & dear.

**Happy Thanksgiving***
journally yours,
Gem :-)
(hmnnnn..if I get to post this entry for the uptenth tries....I think I might just like it here at blogspot!)