Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Recipe For Happiness

Happiness is something we create in our mind,
It is not something you search for and so seldom find-
It's just waking up and beginning the day
By counting our blessings and kneeling to pray.
It's giving up thoughts that breed discontent
And accepting what comes as a "gift heaven-sent."
It's giving up wishing for things we have not
And making the best of whatever we've got.
It's knowing that life is determined for us,
And pursuing our tasks without fret or fuss-
For it's by completing what God gives us to do
That we find real contentment and happiness too.
(author: Helen Steiner Rice)

Dear online friends,
You brought smile, laughter, hope, helped wiped my tears and lend me your broad shoulder for support.
You are one of the many blessings I am thankful for.
This Thanksgiving I wish you and yours another wonderful memory to cherish.
Thank you so so much for the most treasured friendship
.................... I hold so very near & dear.

**Happy Thanksgiving***
journally yours,
Gem :-)
(hmnnnn..if I get to post this entry for the uptenth tries....I think I might just like it here at blogspot!)


Gabreael said...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Charles said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I had a hard time trying to post my links but then I found some help on the help pages.


Spencer said...

Big sigh. Found ya. Smiles galore.
As I have grown to know you you touch deeply. Thank you for feeding me again.

May your holiday be wonderful as well.Come visit me and read my poems. I am lonely.



DesLily said...

Found you!! cool~ we're all "getting there"! And we "mentally challenged about html" will be really proud once we are comfortable once again LOL..



Tom said...

Nice new journal, Gem! Welcome to blogspot. Change is good. It is frustrating, but everyone will get past it. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Cheryle H. said...

Hey Gem,
Sorry so busy lately, Back to work full time at the bank and still taking care of Dave. Lots of work! Would you believe a mother at the bus stop the other day did'nt even ask Colby to get in the car to get out of the rain? He was still soggy when he got home from school! Unfortunetly we had to leave very early for Charleston. I myself would invite all the kids in my car so they would not get soaked but, I guess that you can't make people act like you. Anyways I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, We have a huge reason to give thanks this year!! God bless you and the family, miss getting together for singing!!Talk to you soon and I think it's great that I get to actually enter a comment in your journal!!!! Take care, Your friend, Cheryle

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Hey, you already look like you've figured out how to do the neat stuff, like a picture across the top, customized comments etc.........I'm impressed!!! Beautiful new digs for a wonderful person.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family~

Anonymous said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Gem :) I'm glad that I found you, I was wondering where you went! LOL!
Lots of hugs, and kisses,

Virginia said...

Happy ThanksGiving!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma,
Hope all is well with your and your family. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. There are so many things that we could be thankful for. Hope to see you at the X'mas party.
Take care and hoping to hear from you soon.
Lino & John

Dwana said...

Happy Turkey Day! Look at the size of those breasts...lol


floralilia said...

happy thanksgiving gem!

Judith HeartSong said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

ChasingMoksha said...

I have a cheesecake for tomorrow that I am sure is filled with happiness.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Charley said...

Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving as well! You're a fantastic person, Gem!!!
With peace and love,

Anonymous said...


thanks for your comment, I hope you have a special day with your family too.

much love,

redsneakz said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts as well - Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Jod{i} said...

Aw Gem, same to you! I hope your day was full of Peace, family and comfort!


Ari said...

Weeeeeeeee! I found you again! We're reunited! And I got you linked, so don't go anywhere.

Happy Thanksgiving hon. I hope you and your own have a wonderful holiday season!


The Dark Lord Omz said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!! I finally found you.