Get To Know Me

Hi there friends!
Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to get to know me.
**My nickname is Gem. I am also called "gem-gem" by family and friends.
**I was born and lived in the Philippines until the age of 14.
**I never met or knew my real father. I was told he left me at the airport.
**I came to US in December of 1984 and met my future husband four years later.
**I have one sister, lot's of cousins, three wonderful children and a great husband.

  **I'm a chocoholic and love the following chocolates:

**I can be a goofball.
**My family doesn't get my jokes and I don't get theirs either.
**Cabinet doors and drawers that are left open are my pet peeves.
**My family owns two cats:
 Mahiya (F) on the left and Jester (M) front center.
 One of my many hobbies is making jewelry.

 My favorite fruit is called "Guava" 
( An edible pale orange tropical fruit with pink, juicy flesh and a strong, sweet aroma.)
...and my favorite sport is Badminton.

 **I am a social media addict. You can find me literally anywhere on the web:
Instagram: gem1007
Youtube: gemzutuve

Facebook: /lovetofv
Twitter:  ursotweet
Pinterest:  gem1007/
Bloglovin':   journally yours
Flipboard:  Gem R.
Stumbleupon:  /stumbler/journallyours  bpgem

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Barb said...

Hi hon,
What a nice surprise this post was. I love getting to know the people behind the blogs I read. Thanks for sharing yourself. Have an awesome day.