Wednesday, May 29, 2013


so...I found this (new) cool app called "Flipboard" through google play by accident while browsing for games on my Samsung cell phone. I checked the descriptions which I found interesting so I downloaded it and was hooked ever since. And you know how you sit and sit and sit there trying to figure out how that new apps work? yap...I was telling myself today I know I have a LOT of housework and if it wasn't for internet where you can literally go anywhere in the world now on the palm of your hand because everything is now accessible through cell phones- my housework would be done by now. But nope. After hours of  browsing online from pictures to recipes and adding it to my flipboard magazine which I keep checking every minute I I am now finally updating my blog knowing I have one interesting topic to talk about: Flipboard!

If you don't know it yet..."Flipboard" is an app that aggregates news and other content and presents it in a personalized magazine-like format. It is available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire. In other words Flipboard is your personal magazine.

Here's a few links where you can learn more all about Flipboard:

....and when you do decide to add "Flipboard" to your other collections of apps..make sure you look up my name as shown in the picture and flip through my magazines. :)

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Anonymous said...

WHOO HOO! Thanks for the comment I am subbed by email for your content. I sure do wished EVERYONE would have the SUB MY EMAIL since I cant find a feed reader thats worth a flip right now * Le Sigh *

--- Christopher

Barb said...

Love your blog, the way it so easily flows. You'd be fun, I know, to spend time with. Interesting post, will have to check it out when hands are better. Thanks for taking time to visit my Let's Chat blog. Have an awesome day.