Tuesday, June 25, 2013

an indecisive 10 y.o.

The book Josef picked out from Costco.
my new pair of shoes!

Today was a fun and bonding day with my youngest son. 
We went and had lunch at Costco where he picked out a book about a kid surviving middle school. My daughter's birthday was coming up so we ran from one store to another trying to pick out the perfect gift but instead I found a new pair of shoes.... for me :)

While looking around at Costco I pointed out to Josef  a darker rug that would look nice in the kitchen. He said to me that I should be looking at a lighter color rugs since the kitchen floor is light color. I asked him when did he become a "fashionista" he answered: "Mom it's not fashion it's home decorating." (smarty pants..)
He also needed a new flip-flops and found two styles to choose from at Ross store but what struck me about him is that he was very indecisive. He looked and looked back and forth between the two trying to decide for what seemed like eternity.

Me: "Josef..which ones do you like?"
Josef: "hmnnn...."
Me: "Josef....?"
Josef: "I like both of them"
Me: "well I can't afford to get both of them..it's one or the other."
He then continues on deliberating......
Me: "Josef...we don't have all day."
Josef: "Let me try them on again.."

He then tried BOTH of them again at the same time putting one style on the left foot and the other style on the right foot. (unfortunately my cell fone died and couldn't take pictures of him trying them on)

Me: "So..which one?"
Josef: (still can't decide...)
Me: "ok...which one feels more comfortable?"

This time Josef started to feel the sole of the flip-flops to see which ones feel better on his feet...and he still couldn't decide.

Me: "oh jeez!! ok which ones do you like more??"
Josef: "I like both of them"
Me: "make up your mind. It's one or the other..hurry up!"
Josef: "ok..the blue one!"
Me: "finally!"
Josef: "no...I like the yellow one too."
Me: "Josef..it really is up to you.."
Josef: "nah..."
So we left the store without buying any of the flip flops.

I just realized he has always been like this. There were other instances where he had to decide what to do or what to get but for some reasons he just couldn't decide right away. He thinks about it long and hard. I just never really paid any attention to this demeanor. His brother and sister was never like that. I am an indecisive person and it sucks sometimes (sorry for lack of a better word). So I guess he got that gene from me.

Well I have big project waiting for me and will post all about it when I'm done.
journally yours,


Barb said...

Loved this post. I can really relate to it because one of my sons is just like yours. He's an adult now and is trying to learn to be more decisive. I tell him he probably got it from me too, lol.
I did use to be indecisive, but am not any more. I finally learned how much better life is when I know what I want and know how to get it. Looking forward to your next post. have an awesome day.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I would have left without either pair too.......lol Kids who can't decide are so frustrating......lol At least you found new shoes for you.....which is always a plus