Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a purse named after me...

Fun thing happened at work. I helped a lady picked out a new handbag for herself. After asking her a few lifestyle questions, I brought over some collections that she might be interested in and among them was a big camel color purse with compartments-one of the few things she was looking for in a bag. She let go of a big "gasps!" when I handed it to her...the color, the compartments and the style--she fell in love with it at first sight. She asked for my name then told me that she is very excited because it's her very first (brand) bag and decided that she will call it  her "Gemma" bag. I told her I'm excited for her and honored as well. She was very fun to assist with...full of enthusiasm..

Thursday Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Lladro figurine

a bracelet I received for mom's day...sweet!

Mango, a fleshy stone fruit, is the national fruit of the Philippines.

peanut butter and jelly..yum!

and yes...STILL working on that project!
journally yours,


J. Lenni Dorner said...

Stopping by from Friend Connect Blog Hop.
Cohost @JLenniDorner

Mango- yum!

Melissa said...

Cute! I love blog hoppin!

Love, The mind of an exchange

Barb said...

This lady sounds delightful. I loved working with people; sold Avon for many years and was also a waitress and manager of Storage Place. I love your favorite things. Thanks for sharing them. Have an awesome day.

Amanda said...

That is so sweet,I love people like that,you dont get them very often.It makes you smile.I love your favorite things,your braclet is pretty.

Growing Up Madison said...

That is so sweet. It's always nice to help someone, even its only helping them find their perfect bag. :)

Kathy McB said...

I don't think TOO many people have your claim to fame...a purse moniker! Cool! And I'm totally with you on the mango love :). Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you too :)

The Artful Diva said...

stopping by to say hello. I hope you have a great weekend!

mail4rosey said...

Once you have a high quality purse, it's hard to go back to a cheaper version. It's one of those few things where quality does make a big difference (shoes are another).

I like the saying you put up. It is a good one to remember.

Anonymous said...

An encouraging development :). She must be very enamored of you. No spear-carrier, you.

I hope she gives you one of "your" purses. ~Mary