Tuesday, July 30, 2013

beading frenzy! (1)

After: Gemstone chips bracelet with accents closure
hi blogger world! I have been busy making jewelry from beads...some I made from my own ideas. You know those ideas running in your head while looking at tools in front of you then have that "aha!" moment. And while it's still fresh in your mind your hand started working and finishing that "sculptured" you pictured in your mind and voila! there it is...your finished masterpiece!
I am posting the before and after pictures  of jewelries I made from beads.
gemstone chips before
green glass beads before...
After: Matching earrings:
Swarovski crystal with green glass beads earrings

After: green glass beads necklace

Victorian necklace with clear crystal accents
Monalisa necklace with sheer ribbons and chains
I have more..will blog about it on my next post. I also want to thanks those who visited my blog and left comments a while back. I will be checking your blogs soon!
journally yours,

One day while taking a nap my sweet female cat "Mahiya" was taking care of me:


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Very nice like the green one, my daughter use to make a lot of jewellry using beads

Linda :) said...

All so very pretty... Great Job!! :)

Charles said...

Long time no see. I know it's my fault, but I have been working on myself and I have a videogame addiction LOL. I think your jewelry is awesome. Hope you are doing fine. :)